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E-newsletters [e-news] can be developed for a fraction of the cost of their print counterparts and delivered to a global audience instantly. While marketers are discovering the ease of reaching a target audience with e-mail, many e-mail users are feeling frustrated by the onslaught of newsletters entering their in-boxes, sometimes at a daily rate, and thereby creating readers wary of marketing attempts. To reach your clients, you need to create an e-news that responds to your audience’s specific needs. Noggins Unlimited understands how to create and launch a usable and successful e-news.

Create, Deliver and Track – Using your content, we will custom design a visually pleasing newsletter template that has impact! Using our iContact distribution system, we will distribute your e-news and provide you with statistical information about your distribution through the tracking features of iContact.

You can maintain your subscription list yourself and just send to us or we will maintain it for you.

Content, content, content – We also offer custom written articles for newsletters. Just ask us about custom content and we’ll be happy to provide you with a proposal.

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