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How about starting with the crux
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Looking to REFRESH your online presence or JUST STARTING?
We offer an array of design services and have over a decade of experience in design, development and marketing. We would be pleased to meet you!

There is visually pleasing, effective web design, complimented by functional code, resulting in what we regard as web development.

A common purpose of all websites is to generate leads and sales. Attention is not only needed on the look of a site but also on the website structure. The developers at Noggins Unlimited work to ensure the development of a website that is functional and user friendly. We have a culmination of over fifteen years in general computer programming, software, analyst and systems experience, and over ten years web and PHP/MySQL development, Net technology/MSSQL experience, and award winning project management.

We would love to put our skills and experience to work for you!

What is the cost to have a website developed?

Asking how much a website costs is a bit like asking how much a car costs. What type of car? A sports car? A luxury vehicle? An SUV? What features? Do you need a GPS? Moon roof? There are many factors we need to understand to give you an accurate quote.

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