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There are several options to drive traffic to your website. You can allocate dollars to search engine optimization, monthly ads with google, and other marketing items that promote your website. The bottom line is that search engine optimization is an integral part of your marketing strategy. At Noggins Unlimited we provide on page and off page optimization, all depending on what your priorities are.

On page optimization uses the results of your keyword analysis and incorporates these findings in your meta tags and page content. Meta tags are your title, description and keyword codes placed on each page of your site for the search engine spiders to find. It also carries through to your website content and ensuring it contains the information required.

  1. A keyword analysis; building strong keywords by doing the proper market research.
  2. Editing and maintaining the proper meta tags on each page of your website.
  3. Writing engaging content that will intrigue visitors to your site.

Off page optimization, or what we refer to as enhanced website optimization:

  1. Link building by submitting your site to niche directories.
  2. Submitting your site to the search engines.
  3. Article marketing by writing articles to be published on other websites with anchor text links (of your main keywords) back to the corresponding pages of your site.

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